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UX Strategy Book Free | How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want

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About UX Strategy Book

ux strategy: User experience (UX) strategy requires a subtle blend of business strategy and UX design, but until now, there has been no easy-to-implement framework to implement. This handy guide introduces lightweight, strategic tools and techniques to help you and your team craft innovative multi-device products that people will want to use.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, UX / UI designer, product manager, or part of a team within Entrepreneurship, this book teaches simple to advanced strategies that you can use in your business right away. Along with business cases, historical context, and real-world examples throughout, you will also gain different perspectives on the topic through interviews with senior strategists.

  • Identify target users and validate their authenticity with temporary personas and customer discovery techniques
  • Conduct competitive research and analysis to explore a crowded market or unique value creation opportunity
  • Focus your team on the primary tool and business model of your product by conducting structured experiments using prototyping
  • Create UX funnels that increase customer engagement by mapping required user actions to meaningful metrics

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Edition: 1
Language: english
ISBN 10: 1449372864
File: PDF, 27.77 MB
Year: 2015
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Pages: 312
ISBN 13: 978-1449372866

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