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The Vue Firebase Project Course | Fireship Course Free [Complete Course] 2021

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About Google Firebase And Vue

You may have heard a lot about the Firebase platform from Google and are wondering what it is and its role in helping programmers build modern applications with minimal effort. I also came across these questions in my mind when I got to know this platform a while ago, and after researching and reading some lessons and articles, I realized well its value and tried a number of its advantages in some personal projects so that I could apply what I read and thus understand it well.

To find out what Firebase is more go to this article:

About Firebase What is its purpose? 2021

Vue.js is a Javascript-based framework aimed at front-end developers. The great and important importance of Vue.js lies in the ability to create complete sites from one page by merging several components together to achieve an integrated interface and add to it several features that you need Maybe hundreds of lines using regular Javascript or even jQuery.

Now let me introduce you to what you will learn in this course:

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What will I build?

The Vue Firebase Project Course will teach you the basics of full-stack web development by building a chat prototype from scratch.

You will build a realtime walkie-talkie style chat app with the ability to record and upload audio from the device – inspired by the popular Voxer mobile app.

What will I Learn?

In this course you will learn…

  • Fundamentals of of Vue components and reactivity
  • Dynamic Vue routing
  • User authentication with Firebase (Anonymous, Email/Password)
  • Usage of the Vuefire Package
  • Vue Composition API
  • Chat Features in Firestore
  • Record audio on the web
  • Upload files to Firebase Storage

Is this Course Right for Me?

This course is intermediate level and designed to expose you to useful patterns when building realtime web apps with Vue and Firebase. It assumes you have at least basic knowledge of web programming, including basic skills in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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Get Started

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User Authentication

Firestore Chat

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Voice Messages

google firebase course

Link to the official course website: Here

google firebase course And Vue


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  2. […] The Vue Firebase Project Course | Fireship Course Free [Complete Course] 2021 […]

  3. […] The Vue Firebase Project Course | Fireship Course Free [Complete Course] 2021 […]

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