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3 Keys Factors for Making a Successful Advertisement According to Marketing Experts

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A successful advertisement means more profits, but the features of a successful advertisement are many, and they differ according to the points of view. The result that everyone agreed upon; A successful advertisement is what achieves high results, whether by making more profit for the advertiser, or even by influencing the future of advertising in a positive way.

If you search for the reasons for the success of any advertisement from various sources, you will find more than one reason for this success. But here, in this article, we have collected the three most influencing factors for the success of any advertisement for you. These reasons are not the only reasons, but they are basic axes upon which the success of any advertisement depends.

These three factors have been identified by the marketing experts on the LinkedIn platform, and we have decided on the maza-dat website to collect for you the details of this topic from professionals affiliated with the LinkedIn Solution platform.

This platform is a treasure for everyone in the marketing industry in general, and B2B marketing professionals in particular. Follow this article with us to know more, and if you have other opinions, we do not mind you to share it with us through the comments.

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The main factors for a Successful Advertisement

Marketing experts agreed that a B2B marketer in particular is not enough to be only familiar with the business, but it is very important for the marketer to understand the culture of the target audience.

Dear marketer, you should study well the culture of the target market, which will facilitate you to come up with an idea that reaches your audience correctly and quickly.

As for the main factors in order to reach the success of your ad by its different display methods, whether the ad is a video clip or a specific design.

There are three main factors that must be focused on while creating an advertisement, and it must be ensured that these three factors are achieved after its implementation.

These three factors are:

  • Emotion.
  • Fluency.
  • Commitment.

This does not mean that we forget the creativity and innovative idea that makes a noise in order to help the advertisement reach the largest number of customers.

Here, we will explain what is meant by the realization of these three factors in detail as follows:

Emotion for an influential advertisement

When comparing ads that rely on rationality, known as Rational Ads, and those that rely on Emotional Ads, marketing researchers have found that emotional ads are seven times more effective than rationality.

An example of this is chocolate advertisements, whether international or local brands, all of which depend on stimulating the emotion of feeling happy while eating chocolate.

But if you look at the effect of chocolate and its overeating on health, we will find that it has many damages, especially on weight gain.

Likewise, the well-known advertisements for carbonated water, although the soda water is very harmful to health in the long run, and at the level of different ages, but the excitement of the momentary happiness that leaves him drinking this carbonated water is what has made these advertising campaigns successful and even affecting many generations.

The emotion is always what persists, it is possible for the target audience to forget the content of the advertisement, but it will remain with it the impact and the feeling that they generate when viewing it.

Especially if the advertising campaigns are related to international brands, and these campaigns showed the extent of the culture of those in charge of them with the target audience, whether B2B or B2C marketing.

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Fluency for mindful advertising

When marketing experts talked about the concept of fluency here, the most expressive expression of the desired meaning was “attachment to the minds.” In order for the audience to relate to your ad, there must be something special that creates the relationship between the brand and the audience.

An example of this is the trademark pictorial or the Logo, in addition to the slogan written for it or known as Slogan. The concept of fluency came here in the sense that you are required to have a simple symbol and expressive of your brand, in addition to a small phrase that attracts the audience, and both of them have the ability to link your brand with the minds.

The more fluent your logos, whether written or illustrated, the more your customers trust you. In addition, advertising logos are a big reason for launching the brand, and making it a distinctive brand, or what is known in the English language, Branding.

It also makes you able to compete among many other brands, and even withstand in the markets significantly.

Commitment to a more confident advertisement

Here, commitment is intended to provide creative content in your advertisement continuously and with value that is consistent with the culture and customs of the community. In addition to the idea of adhering to what is presented in the content.

Meaning if the content is a specific offer or discount that is presented, the recipient must find on the ground that this opponent is executed as it was mentioned in the advertisement, and if the conversation within the advertisement is about quality and professionalism, then this must actually be achieved.

There is no doubt that adherence to what is presented in the ads is what gives your brand the confidence. The viewer or target audience and the consumer in general is a very intelligent person.

In light of the fierce competition currently present in the market, you find that those who succeed and continue are those who adhere to what they offer in their marketing campaigns.

For example, if you are responsible for an advertisement campaign for a place that offers training courses for a specific category or in a specific subject, of course you will mention in your advertisement that the course that is being offered is the magic solution to a particular problem, it must be so.

You will also mention that the trainers are of the highest competence in content and information presentation, so you must make sure that they are indeed. You can support this point by mentioning the past experiences of people who have attended training courses in the place they are announcing.

In sum, the use of certain terms and phrases in the advertisement aimed only at attracting customers or, as it is said, (dragging the customer’s foot) is a very bad way.

Sometimes it attracts new customers, but it does not guarantee continuity and convert the customer from a temporary customer to a permanent customer that is always linked to the brand. Lack of adherence to advertising campaigns can achieve proliferation, but it cannot achieve continuity.

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Practical application to a successful advertisement applying these three pivotal factors

Now that we have provided a detailed explanation of each of the main axes that results in applying a successful advertisement, we will show you a practical example of a successful advertisement that combines these three criteria.

An advertisement is a video advert from Adobe, which is known for popular graphics programs such as Photoshop and other programs on which designers implement their ideas.

The advertisement is about a girl standing on the train, and she visualizes all the passengers in an innovative mental image through the use of various Adobe software tools.

She also imagines putting some effects on the outside landscape in her mind using software effects as well, so that the idea reaches you clearer, and at the end of the advertisement the written company slogan was placed, which is Creativity for all.

When you see the advertisement, you will find that it is very interested in the influence of the passion for creativity and the love of colors and different cartoon characters and mixing things together.

Thus, we can say that the advertisement has succeeded in emotionally, especially on those people who love creativity, innovation and mixing of colors, and they are really the target audience for Adobe.

As for fluency, the advertisement achieved it by displaying the well-known company logos, which express the company’s ideas to reach infinity in creativity, and express the extent of Adobe’s keenness on continuous, endless development.

And speaking of the standard of compliance, everything that was presented in the image in which the advertisement appeared or even the written logo is actually achieved.

As Adobe programs are the tool that designers and creative people use to implement their ideas on the ground, from mixing colors, modifying things, and creating fictional cartoon characters.


Dear marketer, if you are a designer or even a content writer, if you are keen on having the three criteria for a successful, effective and influential advertisement, we guarantee you a successful advertising campaign that achieves its goals.

It is also good for you and your team to have a brainstorm and put many ideas on the dialogue table in order to reach the most innovative idea that combines creativity and simplicity in order to reach the target audience in a correct and professional manner.

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