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10 Online Project ideas | Start Earning Online 2021

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start earning online

online project ideas start earning online: If someone told you twenty years ago about those three words “online business ideas”, you might have thought that he was speaking in hieroglyphs!

Between the past, the present and the future, the world is changing, the world is developing, the world is transforming to become a more homogeneous and less voluminous area, a blooming area of ideas that flock to it from all sides, they are ideas for online projects.

If you have arrived here, you are definitely one of:

  • Entrepreneurs wishing to establish their projects online with little capital.
  • People wishing to establish online projects next to their jobs without the need to devote time.
  • Girls and women looking for business ideas that can be easily implemented without having to work outside the home much.
  • Students looking for ways to enter the business field and start their own businesses at an early age.
  • Online entrepreneurial enthusiasts looking for new and innovative ideas.

Certainly, I will not forget every person who is willing to embark on a new and exciting experience in his professional life, that helps him get out of the comfort zone and routine life, to start a completely different new life, a life in which he determines the amount of money he earns and how he earns it.

If you are looking for a unique project idea, be sure to follow our soft-here website continuously in the coming period to find out all the updates for this series.

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Online project ideas

At the outset, let me quickly explain to you the business plan that we have prepared for an online project ideas article. The article has been divided into two parts:

Part 1: 5 online project ideas for concrete products.

In each of the online project ideas for tangible products I will put for you:

  • The basic idea of the project.
  • One or more ways to get products for your project.
  • A list containing other product groups related to the same project.

Each idea from this list can become an independent online project idea on its own, so that you can get many ideas on the one hand, and you can integrate other products for your project related to the basic idea of it on the other hand.

Part 2: 5 online business ideas for intangible products.

In every idea I will put you:

  • The most important features that distinguish this project.
  • One or more models of online projects are similar to the same idea of the project, so that I provide you with the opportunity to study successful business models that did not go beyond in the past as simple ideas until their owners worked to transform them into successful and profitable online projects.

are you ready? So let’s get the ideas started!

A site that sells coloring books for adults

In the past, we used to treat the activities of coloring books and drawings as activities intended for children only, but with the increase in awareness of mental health in the world, many studies began to indicate the extent of the positive impact of practicing these activities on the psychological and mental health of adults.

These activities alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and tension that we all suffer from, and they also greatly help to increase focus, as well as get rid of the burdens and pressures of daily life that we all go through every day.

Not only that, but coloring therapy is one of the therapeutic techniques that psychiatrists have used in treating patients since ancient times. Coloring gives the psychological patient an opportunity to vent his pain, and helps him see the positive world features by looking at the colors and merging them together.

The basic idea of the project: is to create a site where you sell a variety of coloring books for adults, these books should contain a variety of cheerful drawings.

How can you get the products?

Alibaba is one of the best global wholesale markets, through which you can communicate with many merchants and get different price offers, and it arrives at your doorstep.

The link below has a variety of coloring book demos on it:


Other group of products related to the same project:

  • All kinds of color boxes (wooden / watercolor / pastel / acrylic).
  • Distinctive frames for placing colorful graphics inside.
  • Drawing courses for adults.
  • Drawing tools for adults.
  • Books on learning about the arts and literature of other peoples.
  • Collective coloring workshops (offline).

This was the first idea of an online business idea. Delightful and exciting idea? is not it? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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The project of a store selling baby care products on the Souq.com website.

Children’s needs for every family are basic needs that cannot be ignored, postponed or dispensed with in any way, and because they are children, they need a lot of special care products.

These products include: liquid shower soap – perfumes – wet wipes – diapers – dental cleaning tools – and many other tools and products.

If you are looking for highly profitable online business ideas, business such as selling baby care products and tools is a great opportunity to start.

The basic idea of the project: to create a store for your products on the Souq.com website.

To find out the steps for setting up your own store on the Souq.com website, go to the following link, then follow the steps according to your country:


Of course, you can create a standalone online store for your project, and sell your products directly to customers.

How can you get the products?

There are many ways to obtain baby care products and tools, I will mention here a slightly different way for you, which is to go to pharmacies in your area and ask them to know the best companies that supply baby care products and tools for them, and ways to communicate with them.

Pharmacies are always keen to deal with large trusted companies, after that, contact these companies directly to know the details of the products and the price offers they provide.

Other product group related to the project:

  • Children’s clothing
  • Kids Games
  • Children’s shoes
  • Safety tools for children
  • Newborn clothes
  • Baby food
  • Sports tools for children

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Food sale project on Facebook

You can cook ready-made meals in general, one of the most powerful types of online business at the present time, as it serves a large segment of consumers who want to save the time and effort needed to prepare food themselves, I chose this idea to join today’s menu.

The basic idea of the project: Selling food on Facebook groups and the Facebook Marketplace.

How can you get the products?

In this idea, I will present to you two different ways through which you can obtain foods and products, so that you choose the appropriate way to start your project.

Method 1:

That you bring a menu to one of the restaurants located within your residential area, and then you select some suitable items with which you can start your project.

You go to the restaurant, explain your business idea to him, and ask him to get the foods your customers order at commercial prices.

The commercial price is the price at which merchants buy the products which is lower than what is sold to the consumer.

After that, you display these items online through Facebook groups that you will find on many of your potential customers, as well as the Facebook Marketplace.

The advantage of this method is to obtain products from the hand of specialists, this provides the best experience for the distinctive taste, the other advantage is the provision of food production and manufacturing processes.

Method 2:

That you bring the menu and identify some easy food types in the ways to prepare them, learn ways to prepare them through YouTube, so that you have your own products.

In this project, I advise you to join the groups within your residential area, to start marketing your products inside it at least initially, because the process of shipping and delivering food requires a special way of dealing that differs from most of the products sold online.

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The project of selling men’s accessories on the Noon.com website

From my commercial experience, men are very special customers, and if you are looking for easy and profitable online project ideas as well, do not overlook this distinct segment that can be easily sold to.

We all know that men’s thinking is very simple, and how much they care about searching for the details of things is very little compared to us girls ??

On the commercial side, these behaviors are greatly reflected in their decisions regarding buying and selling, and this means saving a lot of time and effort for the founders of projects in which men are the target group.

There is a variety of men’s accessories that can be sold such as: youth hats – sunglasses – silver accessories – watches – medals – suit pins – clothing belts … etc.

The basic idea of the project: buying a quantity of various men’s accessories, then creating a store on the Noon.Com and sell it through.

Noon is one of the e-commerce sites that have begun to exist in the market, and this means that there is a distinct opportunity to achieve greater profits by creating a store on it, as the competition market within it is still in the beginning stage.

To learn how to create a store through Noon.com, go to the following link, then complete the steps in the order.


How can you get the products?

Men’s accessories are very available products in the local markets, and you will not need to search much for them or import them at the beginning of the project.

You only have to: search within the wholesale markets available in the commercial capital of your country.

Other group of products related to the same project:

  • Men’s clothing
  • Men’s shoes
  • Men’s perfumes
  • Men’s shavers

The project of importing alternatives to natural slimming drugs and selling them online

The fifth idea is related to three completely safe natural products. These products are used as alternatives to chemical slimming drugs, and they have recently caused a stir in the Arab market.

These products are: Matcha tea – Ashwagandha – Moringa tea.

The three products are not only alternatives to slimming drugs, but the benefits of each product are so numerous that you cannot imagine, and this means the multiplicity of target groups that your project can target.

You might notice that I’m here trying to get you to explore some online business ideas that you might not have thought of before.

Personally, I searched a lot for these products within my city, but I did not find them easily, I do not mean that they are not completely available, but what I mean is that they are available at a very limited number of companies.

I imagined that this is only happening to me, but when I asked around me I knew that it was really not widely available, and there are many consumers searching for it and they cannot find it easily.

There is a golden opportunity for a strong business in this industry.

The basic idea of the project: importing the three products, then creating your own website to sell through.

How can you get the products?

IHerb is one of the best global websites that many consumers around the world buy these products through, whether for personal or commercial consumption. What is unique about this site is that it provides international shipping service to most countries of the world.

Other group of products related to the same project:

  • Green coffee beans
  • Quinoa beans
  • Chia seeds
  • Gingerbread
  • Senna herbal tea
  • Stevia sugar

To here we have reached the end of the first part of the online project ideas article, during this part we presented the first 5 ideas in the “tangible” product market.

Now, we will move to the second part of service ideas and intangible products:

I hope you won’t just read Part One, there are still more creative ideas worth your time!

An intermediary site project between wholesalers and retailers within your geographic scope.

The expansion and growth of markets opened the doors to the power of online project ideas, giving them a unique opportunity to develop old business models that societies were familiar with.

Since ancient times, no matter how different commodities and products are, both the retailer and the wholesaler are looking for each other in the surrounding markets, today any retailer anywhere in the world can request the goods he needs from the wholesalers to reach it to the door of his home or his company as quickly as possible.

I remember that there are many retailers within my geographical area who are communicating with me in order to obtain quotations for the wholesale purchase, this happens a lot even though I have not targeted this market or work in it.

Certainly, these merchants can go to the major markets to buy from, as there they will be able to get the best prices.

But every merchant also wants to save time and effort spent in search, transport and shipping operations. He also desires to open different commercial relations and diversify the sources of his obtaining the goods.

Business model for the project: This idea depends on establishing a commercial site, this site represents a link between both wholesalers and retailers within the geographical area in which you live.

Through the site, every merchant can offer his products for sale or buy the products he is looking for.

Site profits can depend on a commission as a result of every purchase made through your site, or a nominal monthly subscription.

What is unique about this project: is your ability to market it online within the scope of your geographical area, within each region there are many merchants who are looking for new ways to market their products, and through your project you will provide them with a great service to get the goods they are looking for within the same region.

Online Yoga Academy project

When I was looking for online lessons to practice minutes of yoga in the morning and found simple free lessons that anyone can practice from their home, I also discovered that there are some specialized online courses for practicing and teaching yoga arts of all kinds.

Among the list of ideas for online projects in the field of health is the project of the Academy of Teaching Yoga Arts, Yoga, or as it is called, Spirit and Body Sports, is one of the distinctive ancient Indian sports that have started to spread recently.

Business model for the project: a partnership contract with a yoga specialist in order to prepare specialized online courses for those wishing to practice yoga and then to market it, you can also partner with a yoga academy.

What is distinctive about this project: that the Arab competition market in it is still small, and because it is a highly specialized project, this will give you a better opportunity to develop it, and add a lot of services or products that are related to the same project specialty.

Community project to support entrepreneurs and people with positive ideas.

This idea may seem unfamiliar to many, and it is also one of the ideas of online projects that I think “personally” about implementing it in the future, God willing.

Let me give you a short break to prepare your favorite drink and then come in a few moments, to tell you about it through a short story that happened to me several years ago.

Several years ago I went to a paid two-hour workshop. The topic of the workshop was “How to discover your passions and customize the right job for you”.

This workshop was also a prelude to joining a community that includes a system and a plan of action to help those wishing to convert their passion into a project of their own “with an annual subscription”.

The participants within this community share with each other over the course of a whole year the latest updates of their projects according to a specific system set by the lecturer, and it is also part of the self-motivation that any entrepreneur needs and unfortunately does not find it in his own community.

On the way, it took about 3-4 hours to reach the venue for the workshop, but when I arrived, my biggest shock was when I did not find a single new piece of information that I do not know!

I felt so much pity and frustration that I wasted another hard day without reaching anything, until I heard from the lectures only one sentence that I had never heard before. This sentence was more than a new piece of information for me, as it made a remarkable difference in the way I think since that moment.

Surely you are now wondering how could this story become an idea in the online business idea series?

Business model for the project: It depends on creating a virtual business platform. This platform aims to bring together young people of successful minds looking for online project ideas from all countries of the world.

The platform provides its subscribers with all means of professional and psychological support, and gives them the opportunity to share their commercial and social ideas and dreams with complete freedom.

This platform should provide various subscription packages: weekly / monthly / yearly to suit all target segments.

What distinguishes this project: Its goal is not only commercial profit, but in my view it is one of the ideas of inspiring and influential projects on the Internet for the youth of the nation, the whole world.

We all need psychological and professional support and share our ideas and achievements on our journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

Also, this idea will help in the convergence of different cultures of young entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Digital “Business and Finance” book sale website project

Electronic or digital books are one of the ways in which the paper book industry has developed, and today it is a lucrative and influential online business.

I think that the presence of some successful online project platforms whose business model relied on selling digital books promises to increase readers’ awareness of the importance of preserving the property rights of the authors of these books, by not trading or downloading books that their owners do not allow free circulation.

It is another idea of the online project ideas that is characterized by a lot of development and keeping pace with modern methods of obtaining knowledge materials, and it certainly brings a lot of profits.

The business model for the project: It depends on creating a professional website for selling books so that the site is compatible with smart phones – computers – Kindle devices.

The project site should contain a variety of digital books for all sub-disciplines of the business and finance departments.

These sections are such as: books of financial freedom – sales – wealth creation and others, and then communicate with the authors of digital books on sites such as Amazon to establish business partnerships with them for the purpose of marketing their books.

If this is the idea that you chose to implement from the list of online project ideas, I recommend that you provide books in both Arabic and English, so as to provide the reader with the greatest possible diversity of knowledge.

What is unique about this project: Business books in general are among the best-selling and popular books around the world, and the Arab market is hungry for every new thing about this type of book, as it contributes a great deal to reorienting our life path for the better.

Business models for online projects in the same project specialty:

Books site to sell e-books in various disciplines.

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Website project about travel and tourism

Travel is no longer limited to the elite and businessmen as in the past, but today travel has become the passion of many young men and women, and we see and hear about the many who travel here and there on enjoyable exploratory trips around the world.

The business model for the project: depends on the launch of an online platform, and enriching it with many free materials exclusive to it. These materials such as:

  • Attractive articles describing tourist places in different countries of the world.
  • Exciting videos of the enchanting activities that can be done on travel excursions.
  • Lessons about travel and its positive impact on human lives.

What is unique about this project: Today’s travel is a “trend” and an influential and inspiring trend in the lives of many young people.

This idea comes within the ideas of very profitable online projects, through which you can use more than one method of work to achieve profits for you. For example, you can:

  • Marketing the offers of tourism companies with the commission marketing system.
  • Providing specialized services such as hotel reservation services.
  • Partnerships with nomads to create workshops for those wishing to travel around the world at the lowest costs.
  • Selling travel books.
  • Selling advertising space to tourism companies.
  • Selling exclusive photos and videos of attractions.

This was the last idea, and let me quickly remind you that today we presented 10 different ideas, these ideas varied between product market projects and services market projects, but the common factor between them all remains that they are online project ideas that require a lot of construction, creativity and continuous hard work.

In the end, there is always a chance to create something new the world needs, something that makes you wait for the alarm to go off every morning to wake up excited to do it.

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