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In this article, I will introduce you to the paid Firebase Security Course on our Site Soft-Here For Free.

What is Firebase Security Rules?

It is a JSON file that contains the settings for writing and reading in the Firebase Database, that is, whoever can write and read any data in the database.

When any reading or writing operation takes place on the database, then this file is referred to and the required permissions are verified, and upon matching the powers the writing or reading process will take place.

When reading or writing is rejected, the operation on the Android Client, for example, will return Failed, Permissions Denied.

Use Firebase’s flexible and extensible security rules to secure your data in Cloud Firestore, Firebase Realtime Database, and Cloud Storage.

Firebase security rules stand between your data and malicious users. You can write simple or complex rules that protect your app data to the level of accuracy your specific app requires.

Firebase security rules take advantage of extensible and flexible configuration languages ​​to define what data users can access for Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, and Cloud Storage. Firebase Realtime database databases take advantage of JSON in rule definitions, while Cloud Firestore security rules and Firebase security rules for cloud storage make use of a unique language built to accommodate the most complex rule structures.

Learn more about how to set up rules for the specific Firebase products you use in your app, and how rules behave differently across Firebase products.

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Key Capabilities

  1. Flexibility: Write custom rules that make sense for your app’s structure and behavior. Rules use languages that allow you to leverage your own data to authorize access.
  2. Granularity: Your rules can be as broad or as narrow as you need.
  3. Independent security: Because Rules are defined outside of your app (in the Firebase console or Firebase CLI), clients aren’t responsible for enforcing security, bugs don’t compromise data, and your data is always protected.

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Firebase Security Course

Official website link: Here

Firebase Security – The Full Course will teach you how to write, organize, and test Firestore security rules. The goal is to prepare developers for the safe and secure launch of a Firebase project.

What will I Learn?

  • Firestore security fundamentals.
  • How to audit a Firebase app for security vulnerabilities.
  • Common use-cases including role-based auth, access-control lists, and more.
  • Advanced techniques and code optimization tips
  • Unit testing and debugging reports

Is this Course Right for Me?

This course is designed for experienced Firebase developers. It assumes you have built or are currently building a Firebase app, with the intention of shipping it without security vulnerabilities.

The course focuses on Cloud Firestore – if you’re looking for specific Realtime Database techniques you may be disappointed.

Is this Course Updated?

The last code review and update was completed on December 3rd, 2020 using Firebase rules version 2.0. The course receives regular updates, especially to address breaking changes Firebase.



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Firebase Security

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Firebase Security


Firebase Security


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