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Cloud Firestore Queries and Data Modeling | Fireship Course Free

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In this article, I will introduce you to the paid Course Cloud Firestore Queries and Data Modeling on our Site Soft-Here For Free.

What is Cloud Firestore

Use this flexible and scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and synchronize data for client and server development.

Storing your app data in the cloud is very important these days as users tend to have multiple devices and like to sync their apps across all of these devices. With Cloud Firestore, the real-time NoSQL database available on the Firebase platform, doing so is easier and more secure than ever.

Key Capabilities

  1. Flexibility: The Cloud Firestore data model supports flexible, hierarchical data structures. Store your data in documents, organized into collections. Documents can contain complex nested objects in addition to subcollections.
  2. Expressive querying: In Cloud Firestore, you can use queries to retrieve specific individual documents or to retrieve all documents in a group that matches the parameters of your search query. Your queries can include multiple, concatenated filters, and a combination of filtering and sorting. It’s also indexed by default, so query performance is proportional to the size of your result set, not your data set.
  3. Realtime updates: Like Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore uses data sync to update data on any connected device. However, it is also designed to efficiently perform simple one-time fetch queries.
  4. Offline support: Cloud Firestore caches data that your app is actively using, so the app can write, read, listen to, and query data even if the device is offline. When the device comes back online, Cloud Firestore synchronizes any local changes back to Cloud Firestore.
  5. Designed to scale: Cloud Firestore brings you the best of Google Cloud’s powerful infrastructure: automatic multi-region data replication, strong consistency guarantees, atomic batch operations, and real transaction support. We’ve designed Cloud Firestore to handle the toughest database workloads from the world’s biggest apps.

Firestore in short is a NoSQL database that enables data to be stored and fetched or synchronized.

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Firestore Data Modeling Course

Official website link: Here

The Firestore Data Modeling Course provides a foundation for modeling data relationships in NoSQL, while optimizing queries for performance, cost, and complexity. Determining the the optimal data model in Cloud Firestore is not an easy task because you need to anticipate your app’s UI/UX requirements in advance. Failure to consider the tradeoffs between various data models could lead to poor app performance and/or unnecessary cloud computing expenses. The goal of this course is to teach you the concepts necessary to make good decisions related to data modeling that minimize costs and maximize read performance.

Topics Covered

  • Core Concepts in Firestore.
  • Comparisons to SQL data modeling.
  • Advanced methods for reading and querying data.
  • Relational data modeling concepts like one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many.
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and anti-patterns.
  • Examples of data models for common real-world app features.

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Cloud firestore

Core Concepts

Cloud firestore

Relational Data Modeling

Cloud firestore

Advanced Techniques

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Example Models

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Bonus Round

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