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Best Laravel Course 2021 | Course Laravel 8 PHP Framework A – Z Build Professional Ecommerce

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In this article, what is Laravel and then download the best Laravel course on Udemy Full course last update 2021

Best Laravel Course 2021

In the highly competitive web world, if you really want to survive then you should always develop your skills, the world of web programming is no longer a place for real programmers only, and let’s be realistic for a moment here, any newcomer in the world of programming has become looking for a job in the web field and starts learning the web.

Perhaps because it is the easiest or because the demand for it is great, in both cases this created a constant state of war between competitors, and to be the strong party on you then with powerful weapons, I introduce you today to Laravel Laravel, it may have passed the atomic bomb phase as we mentioned in a previous article on the Sass engine For Css, we’re clearly talking about the hydrogen bomb for PHP today! Hurry up to possess it to exterminate your enemies and win the battle …

What is Laravel ?

Simply put, Laravel is a PHP framework that will literally make you fall in love with this language even if you are a designer in the first place. Laravel provides an integrated work environment for everything you need or may need in any future period of your career. Laravel is based on the famous MVC method that It separates the Model from View from the Controller, which provides you with a smooth and easy working environment, and you may not yet fully understand what Laravel is. There is no need to worry, as the coming lines will help you to enter the beginning of your journey in learning Laravel.

Why should I care about learning Laravel?

Let us put the matter in the form of points, and then discuss it one by one. We will start with the most important feature, why did we call Laravel as the best php framework?


The Laravel framework is the most popular php framework, and with a simple math we conclude that the massive reach = tremendous resources for learning, and here lies Laravel’s preference over other competitors.


Like most frameworks that adopt the MVC architecture, you will find that the term is by its nature a little advanced, it is almost the advanced stage of OOP (object-oriented programming), the advanced stage of programming architecture, but in Laravel even if you are a beginner in object-oriented programming to php you will find for yourself a place among the programmers Laravel, but we add an important note here. Your knowledge of HelloWorld in php is not enough for you to start learning Laravel, unfortunately.

Clear file structure

After you skip the first days in learning Laravel, you will find that the files you are dealing with are no more than 4 volumes. The folder contains approximately 10 files in them (the correct number of course depends on the type of your site), and you will find that moving between tasks in Laravel is very easy.

Tremendous power

You might think that the term hydrogen bomb was exaggerated at first, but with some time you will find that I am completely right, it is an overwhelming bomb for all competitors!

High security

Laravel framework has protection that cannot be underestimated, as it is the best way for a PHP programmer who considers himself weak in protection, Laravel takes over for you!

Many additions

You can add many features to Laravel through the free add-ons on the Internet, which will expand your project to the limits that no one can imagine.

Finally, clear and easy documentation

Perhaps it is not a competitive advantage for Laravel, but the documentation provided by Laravel is easy to understand. Perhaps you will not need any courses to make your career successful at Laravel, it is enough that you are of average level in English and have the enthusiasm and the courage to press the button to fire the bomb Read on to download Best Laravel Course.

After I get to know what Laravel is, I will offer you a Best Laravel Course.

Best Laravel Course 2021 : Laravel 8 PHP Framework A – Z Build Professional Ecommerce

Official website link Best Laravel Course: Udemy

In This Course, You Will Learn Laravel 8 Fundamentals and Complete Professional Ecommerce with lots of Advance Features.

Course duration: 72 hours

Students: 2,675

Average Rating: 4.3

What you will learn in this course:

  • Create Complete Project with Laravel 6
  • Multiple Language Option
  • Stock Management System
  • Laravel Socialite
  • Product Apple Coupon
  • Product Search Option
  • Buy and Get One Product
  • Product Mailing System
  • Product Wishlist
  • Site Contact Page Form
  • Site SEO
  • Multiple CRUD Function
  • Adding Professional Theme for Backend
  • Laravel 8 Multi Auth with Jetstream Fortify
  • Updated with Laravel 8
  • Order Tracking System
  • User Role Management
  • Product Return Order
  • Facebook Comment System
  • Product Discount Price
  • Online Payment Getway System
  • Product Reports System
  • JWT & Laravel Passport
  • Site Setting Option
  • Product Add to Cart
  • Image Upload System
  • Adding Professional Theme for Frontend
  • Laravel 8 A-Z Basic Fandamentals

Download Best Laravel Course 2021

Finally, download Best Laravel Course 2021

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