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Ashampoo Snap Free 12.0.0 Full 2021

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Ashampoo Snap Free Full is an application that you can use to take photos directly from your desktop screen and directly edit them with various effects that are provided in it. Indeed, we can just take a picture from the desktop screen using the feature of the keyboard, namely Print Screen SysRq. However, if we use this feature, we can only take pictures from the desktop screen without editing them and cannot take only certain parts of our PC screen.

This Ashampoo Snap Free Full application is a much needed program for those of you who want to make a tutorial on how to use a program by taking pictures directly from our computer screen, so that the tutorial we make will be easily understood by others. There are so many interesting features of the Ashampoo Snap Free Full application, for more details, please see the full features below.

Features Of Ashampoo Snap Free

  • Has three different modes for photographing an image of the Windows environment and the overall imaging and imaging applications based on software that captures you and release the mouse in any part of your Windows environment and applications can and the part of your image
  • Able to take several images without restarting
  • The ability to add different effects when photographing Shadow and Shape
  • Ability to include all objects in the image, such as the cursor
  • Image editing tools and various facilities
  • Enabled the Cut, Copy, Paste, Crop, Print, Save, and with just one click
  • The ability to Rotate, Resize, and Undo / Redo without limit
  • The ability to add text font, size and color with the desired effects to the picture
  • Draw custom shapes and lines on the image
  • Equipped with various effects Highlight the Spotlight
  • The ability to photograph the big screens and long windows Auto Scroll pages long, taking pictures of all parts and storage in a video file
  • The ability to photograph the pages Desktop computer that uses multiple monitors
  • Improving and adding several new tools for editing images on the screen
  • English language support


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