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About Stripe | What is Stripe Payment Gateway Full Explanation 2021

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About Stripe

About Stripe: Stripe is an electronic payment gateway, with which websites and online stores are able to receive payments made by customers using different types of credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and others. The company is considered one of the best electronic payment gateways in some countries

About Stripe? is one of the most popular and used payment systems in 25 of the world’s most advanced countries. It is a secure payment system that allows you to make and receive payments online without sharing your credit card information with buyers and sellers. With Stripe you can pay in multiple currencies. Stripe can be used in many countries.

Stripe users can accept the following bank and credit cards from customers in each country in 135 currencies (Visa, MasterCard), and American Express.

About Stripe? was founded in the United States of America in 2011, and the company grew rapidly, until its market value in 2020 reached $ 36 billion, as one of the most expensive brands. This service allows the owners of online stores on Shopify, WooCommerce, or ExpandCard and other things to benefit from the majority of buyers to pay using credit cards instead of using a PayPal account, and then Shopify store owners can withdraw their payments from Stripe to their bank accounts.

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Stripe Features

  • Data portability – the ability to transfer credit card information to another payment processor
  • Opening channels to support e-mail
  • IRC developer channel for direct help from engineers
  • The control panel is simple and intuitive
  • Ease of PCI compliance
  • The API is well arranged and documented
  • Security – Stripe.js
  • Recurring billing
  • Accounting integration: Data can be accessed in real time and linked to existing accounting packages
  • Maximum security: Sensitive data does not reach your servers
  • Returning customers do not need to repeat the payment process
  • Currency exchange: Customers can pay in their local currency, which will be converted into the currency of their choice
  • Bitcoin payments can be processed

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What is Stripe Payment Gateway and how Does it Work?

What is Stripe Payment Gateway?

Buyers choose how they want to pay, or buyers only enter credit card information one time in Stripe.
Stripe transfers funds, protects credit card information, and does not share it with merchants.
Sellers can transfer their money to their banks or keep it in their accounts to make payments locally.

Stripe for buyers

Select Stripe as the payment option. Enter your credit card information only once in Stripe. This information is encrypted for your protection.
Choose how to pay and send money, or choose your credit card in Turkish Lira and other currencies; Choose your Stripe balance as the payment method only when you pay in Turkish lira.

Stripe sends out the money and protects the payment. Stripe protects you against unauthorized delivery and unauthorized payment.

Stripe for sellers

Accept to pay online with Stripe for both domestic and foreign payments that you can make in several currencies, including the Turkish lira.
Your buyers don’t even need to have a Stripe account.

Get paid instantly into your Stripe account, and you can receive payments instantly and send the products you sell to your customer.
Transfer money to the bank, transfer the received money to your bank account, or keep it in your Stripe account to pay for your online purchases.

What is Stripe Payment Gateway,What is Stripe Payment Gateway,What is Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe rates and fees

Pay fees in the form of a percentage of the total transaction value in addition to a small flat fee for each transaction. Percentage and fixed fees vary by country / currency.

  • 2.9% + $ 0.30 fee per successful card
  • There is no setup, monthly or hidden fees
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Report fees in real time

Official Website: www.stripe.com

What is Stripe Payment Gateway,What is Stripe Payment Gateway,What is Stripe Payment Gateway

Requirements to open a Stripe account

  • Tax ID in the country accepted for service
  • A phone number from the same country in which you register an account
  • An identity document (passport) issued from any country
  • A real postal address in the country where you can receive mail
  • A real bank account located in the country in which you register the account
  • A website that works and has the products or services you sell on

These are the main requirements and the bank may ask you for other papers at a later time

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