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About Firebase What is its purpose? 2021

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About Firebase: You may have heard a lot about the Firebase platform from Google and are wondering what it is and its role in helping programmers build modern applications with minimal effort. I also came across these questions in my mind when I got to know this platform a while ago, and after researching and reading some lessons and articles, I realized well its value and tried a number of its advantages in some personal projects so that I could apply what I read and thus understand it well.

In order to shorten the way for you, I will explain to you in this lesson what is Firebase? What are the most important features and functions it provides, and why today programmers are in dire need of such platforms.

This article will be theoretical mainly because our aim is to give you an overview of the topic.

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About Firebase? What is its Purpose?

Imagine that you want – as an entrepreneur – to develop an application like WhatsApp. At first glance, the issue may seem simple and you only need a skilled app developer to do the job. But if we take a more comprehensive and accurate view, we will need more than that:

  • First, as we said, we will need an Android and iOS app developer (most of the time we’re talking about two developers).
  • Second, we will have to search for a developer to build a backend to manage the application database as well as to provide the various APIs that Android and iOS clients will consume.
  • Third, with the passage of time and the increase in the number of application users, we will have to increase the capabilities of the server or servers that host the backend of the application, in this case we may need a network engineer to take care of the topic.

This is only in relation to the technical aspect, and if we add to this list the marketing expenses and other services, the budget may become much larger than we imagined or expected at the beginning. In addition, it is not always easy to find a competent developer to handle all these tasks.

Here comes the role of “Firebase”

Thanks to the Firebase platform, a mobile application developer (and a web as well) can run all of these tasks at the same time, meaning that he is able to be a comprehensive developer capable of implementing a complex and integrated application from scratch to production without worrying about the server issue and the accompanying infrastructure. for him. Firebase puts at our disposal an integrated infrastructure that provides all the features and components that are supposed to be present in any application.

Dealing with this platform is easy and does not involve any difficulty. Through the Firebase Sdk, developers can communicate with Firebase programmatic interfaces from the client side, and for each target platform (web, Android, iOS) there is its own Sdk.

Firebase was founded in 2011 by two developers named James Tamplin and Andrew Lee, and three years later Google acquired it and developed it significantly with the aim of giving developers a ready-to-scale (Scalable) infrastructure to support their own projects of any size.

This type of platform is known as Backend as a service platform (BaaS)

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The most important products / services provided by the “Firebase” platform

One article may not suffice for us to go through all the services provided by Firebase, so we will try to mention only the most important and most used by developers:

About Firebase
  • Cloud Firestore: A NoSQL database, which enables data to be stored and fetched or synchronized with the various clients connected to that database.
  • Cloud Storage: It is a space to store and recall various types of files for users such as photos, videos, etc …
  • Authentication: One of the most important and popular services provided by Firebase. This service allows developers to set up a system to identify and verify the identity of users (login) through several means (Facebook, Google, SMS, email, password, etc. …), and all this only through a few lines of code that are often on fingers Hands.
  • Cloud Messaging: This service makes it easy for mobile application developers to set up a system for sending alerts to users’ devices where the app is installed. In addition, you can preview data and analytics related to these alerts based on the users’ behavior towards them.
  • Firebase Hosting: A hosting service for static files such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript in addition to other types of files that are provided via what is known as a content delivery network or CDN via the secure Https protocol.
  • Firebase Remote Config: A cloud service that enables developers to control and change a number of settings for their applications (Configuration) without forcing users to update those applications on their devices.

Ultimately Firebase provides a free Spark Plan for developers for experimentation and learning purposes. While there are two additional paid plans, the first is (Flame Plan) that costs $ 25 per month, and the second is (Blaze Plan) for larger applications and projects, in which it is paid according to the resources consumed.

About Firebase,About Firebase,About Firebase

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